About Us

Just a bit of Peddler history

I started selling antiques way back in 1994 in an old barn that was my grandparents.  Because the foundation was old field stones our first shop was called Fieldstone Antiques.   My husband and I fixed the barn and had a great time on our first adventure of being shop owners.

By 1997 I was working at an antique shop (Peddlers) and within a year I owned the business.  Now the full name of the shop is Fieldstone and Peddlers Antiques.  I have moved the business 2 more times since then and am not about to do that ever again.   Each time my location got better.  Now I am in a big building that also holds my auction center.  It has been a fun 25 years.

But where did that time go…..   and how could things change sooooo much.

On to important things

(pics to come)